School Calendar

School Calendar - Days to Remember 2018 - 2019

June 2018
June 15 Seminar for Teachers
 June 16  Eid-ul fitr
June 18 School Re-opens
 June 21  International Yoga Day
 June 26  International anti-drugs day
 June 27  World diabertes day
July 2018
July 3 St. Thomas Day, Basketball Match
July 11World Population day
July 17 Investiture ceremony, Volleyball Match
July 18 2nd part of PT1 (Computer)
July 19 2nd part of PT1 (English)
July 20 2nd part of PT1 (Mo.Science)
 July 21  2nd part of PT1 (Hindi)
 July 23 2nd part of PT1 (Science/EVS) 
 July 24 2nd part of PT1 (Mathematics)
 July 25 2nd part of PT1 (So. Science)
 July 26 2nd part of PT1 (Sanskrit)
 July 27 2nd part of PT1 (G.K.)
 July 28  Throw ball match
August 2018
August 4 To complete last day of marks of PT1
August 6 Hiroshima day
August 7 PTM for class I-II
August 8 PTM for class III-V
 August 9 PTM for class VI-VII
August 10 PTM for class VIII-IX
August 11 PTM for class X-XII 
August 15
Independence Day
August 20
Subject Enrichment Assessment begins
August 21
Subject Enrichment Assessment begins
August 22
Eid-ul Zuha
August 26
Raksha Bandhan
August 31
S.E. Assessment
September 2018
September 1 Submission of QP of PT2/Half Yearly Exam
September 3Janmastmi
September 5 Teachers Day
September 6 PTM for class I-V
September 7 PTM for class VI-VIII
September 8 PTM for class IX-XII , World Literature Day 
September 10 Study leave for students in preparation of PT2
 September 11-22  PT2
 September 13  Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindi day celebration
 September 21  Muharram
October 2018
October 1-6Social Service Week
October 2 Gandhi Jayanti
October 6 Last day for submit the mark of PT2 , World wide life day
October 8 Indian Air force day 
October 13 PTM
October 15 World Students day/B-day of APJ Abdul Kalam
October 18-21 Dusshera Holidays
October 24Valmiki Jayanti
November 2018
November 1 My Foundation day
November 6-10 Diwali Holidays
November 14 Childrens day
November 21 Milan un-nabi
November 23 Guru nanak Jayanti
November 26-6th Dec. PT3
December 2018
December 3 Bhopal Gas Tragedy days/ 3rd-6th Periodic Test
December 10 Human Rights day
December 11 ONI CEF days
December 15 PTM
December 22 Exhibition Christmas Day Celebration
December 23-30 Winter Holidays
January 2019
January 1 New Year Celebration
January 3 Pre Board Exam for class X & XII
January 7-15 Last Submission Exam for class I-VIII
January 15 Submission of Q.P. for for Final Examination, Indian Army Day
January 26 Republic Day
January 28 PTM after the Pre-Board for class X & XII
January 31 Thanks going & Blessing day for class XII during assembly
February 2019
February 1-15 Board Practical Examination
February 15 Annual Examination Begins for class I-IX & XI
February 22 Result of 2nd Pre-Board of class X & XII , PTM
March 2019
March 16 Result of class IX & XI
March 18 Result of class VI-VIII
March 19 Result of class I-V
April 2019
April 1 New Academic Session for class K.G.-XII Begins
 April 13  PT1 (Sanskrit)
April 15 PT1 (Maths)
 April 16  PT1 (English
 April 17  PT1 (Hindi)
 April 18  PT1 Science/EVS
 April 19  Good Friday
 April 22  PT1 (So. Science) , Earth Day
April 30Summer Vacation Begins

May 2018
Wish you very HAPPY HOLIDAYS