The school has a well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Maths and Social Studies for the students to experiment. Our teachers are taking speed follow up as well as care for the completion of the practical daily.

Computer Labs

Information and communication technologies have revolutionized the way we think and transact our day to day lives.Keeping this in mind we set up a very good and well maintained computer lab for the students. Because of sufficient number of computers every student can work independently at the same time.The school has a well equipped computer lab and trained teachers to impart computer education at different levels.

Smart Class

The Smart Class is a one-of-a kind innovation that bonds technology and knowledge. It makes our students much more interesting with the help of video clips, modules and documentaries. 


Books are the treasure of knowledge and education. Our school has a well equipped library with magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, biographies, holy books and scripture; etc .A profession librarian is appointed to maintain the library. Books are available to the students during the school hours.These reading habits, enriching students life and encouraging them and to enhance their all-round education.

Sports Ground

Medical Room
School Transport