Co-Curricular Activities

Our school focus on academic skills but provides a holistic program of co curricular activities. All the students are trained by professional coaches from a young age. They are put under the able guidance of trained teachers to achieve this task.

Students are encouraged to develop their talents and demonstrate them during various occasions specially school anniversary, during festivals and other celebrations organized in the course of the academic year.  These activities help to identify the talent and fields of interest in students. 

Various literary activities including competitions like speeches, extempore, debates as well as writing stories, poems, essays, slogans etc. are carried out time to time throughout the academic session aiming to bring out the literary talents of the students in inter school level. .

Study Tour

Study tour enables to achieve to better learning. Through the educational tours  the students get ample opportunities to experience the culture.


Karate helps the student to show better techniques and acquires knowledge and experience. Those students interested in Karate are trained by qualified and experienced instructors .


Gymnastics contributes significantly to overall fitness because it uses muscle groups and body orientations that are uncommon to many other activities. Boys and girls 6 years and up will work on their listening skills in a structured class and learn the basics. This is an one hour per week class.

Music and Musical Instruments

The student involvement in school music and musical instruments has a positive impact on other areas of their lives. It improves a student's self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression.Music educators give them a good training to the students from Class 1 to 12th.


Dance  classes are a vital part of a student academic achievement. 'Indian classical' and 'western dance' are taught in the school by experts to train, guide and help those students sense of self esteem as well as their social skills and ability to communicate and express themselves through movement.

Art and Craft

To give an opportunity to display one's imaginative and creative mind through art and craft plays an important role in their lives. Developing their talents Children from primary start these activities till they complete their schooling.


Students those who are interested in Band are given special training to join the school band in order to develop their talents.

Physical Education

The sports and games are necessary for physical and mental growth and development of each child. We have provided for productive and comprehensive physical education programme to make the entire education a joyous process and also to participate in district, regional and national level competitions.


Chess has become very popular among students.  It is an excellent game and it teaches them strategic thinking and logic.

Table Tennis

Through out this course we give training to our students to  develop their skills. It is entertaining, fun, fast and has great health benefits as well.

School Magazine

The School Annual Magazine “Imprints “is another tool that provides various chances  for expressing the creative potential of the students.

Indoor and outdoor Games


From the junior most to senior most are being trained and coached in regular sports and games like football, volleyball, basket ball, kho-kho and athletics. The team spirit inspires the children to recognise each others strength and use them in working jointly towards common goals. Above all since most of the tasks in life involve working with others, our students are uniquely equipped to achieve what they let out to do in the real world.

Our students have represented the state at national games and children’s science congress.

School Cabinates

Head Boy Anuj Chourasiya XI
Head Girl Trapti Pateriya XI
Red House Captain
Vice Captain
Istuti Nema
Dev Maheshwari
Yellow House Captain
Vice Captain
Arshiya Jain
Satyam Prajapati
Green House Captain
Vice Captain
Mahima Patel
Anand Masshi Toppo
Blue House Captain
Vice Captain
Aditi Rajput
Amon Lakra
Cultural Leaders Anshulika Jain
Yashashvi Rajput
Sports Leaders

Harsh Setiya
Poovi Morve
Discipline Leaders Bhuvneshwari Dangi
Nikhil Thakur