Manager’s Message

I am extremely happy to know that St.Thomas Convent Hr. Sec. School at Begumganj is launching a new school website.

On this occasion it is my honor and privilege to write a few lines as this institution has played a significant role and made great impact on the lives of so many young minds of the locality. The motto of the school “Greatness lies in Truth” speaks volumes about the true spirit of the School, and inspires the many budding students.

Why to have a school website??? …… Is it necessary to launch in St.Thomas Convent Hr. Sec. School at Begumganj?  Of course! I would like to sum up in a sentence “to transform the culture of education and institution with a richer conception of human creativity and intelligence. Certainly, all the information you require will find on this website connected to this school.  

I asked our Tech Team members whether a school Web site was worth the time and expense involved.” It’s absolutely worthwhile," according to Beth Gregor. "For teachers, seeing their work on the Web promotes pride in what they have accomplished. For students, the value in increased self-esteem is priceless." "It's very much worthwhile," said Fred Holmes. "We get a lot of compliments about the information and links we provide our students, staff, and community members. It's also a great way for alumni and others across the country to learn what's going on at the school."

"A school Web page can provide information for everyone in the school community. It can showcase student achievements and projects; provide valuable Web links for students, teachers, and parents; and give an overview of the goals and curriculum of a school. A school Web page can be a marvelous public relations tool for a school and for the entire schools in the district," said Mary Kreul.

"The benefits of a school Web site are many, but the one that comes to my mind first is that it is yet another way to get the message home. It's good public relations for the school, and it's a medium that appeals to students."A school Web site is an excellent way to promote the positives of a school. Having pride in our school and wanting to share that pride should be the driving force behind any school Web site so also in St.Thomas convent Higher Secondary School, Begumganj.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal Sr.Mercy, Vice Principal Sr. Jessy, the staff, parents and all well wishes for launching a new school website.

I do wish you all, every success in this new endeavor ‘Launching new School Website”.  May God bless you!

Sr. Vinaya

 (Manager of the School)